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El-VisionIt specializes in the technical implementation of El-Vision Kft., We also serve conferences, evenings, meetings and other events on request. We undertake event sound, simultaneous and online interpretation. The high quality of the event technology background is ensured by qualified colleagues. Our contracted interpreters are also available at our events. Our event technology readiness can be viewed in the reference pictures and videos. Live broadcasting of live broadcasts and conferences with our own equipment, professional event technology equipment. Interpreter technology, interpreting equipment, and voting or assembly systems are also available from us. At the same time, request event equipment.

Interpreter technology, Interpreter equipment

We always develop our interpreting techniques or interpreting equipment to the latest technology. Interpreter equipment and tourguide or guide systems are also available. Find out more about our interpreter equipment in the interpreter technology menu. As many events in the recent past had to be held as online events, online conferences, so in many cases online interpretation was also required. We recommend our event technology park online or online. Be it a webcast of a conference or event.

Internet broadcasting

Web conferencing, event or presentation? We provide a complex solution with our event technology equipment. Let's write virtual studios individually, which is limited only by the imagination. For a demanding internet broadcast, it is now based on being solved to be spectacular. We offer not only internet streaming, but also a studio enriched with visual elements. The location is independent, so it can be an office or a hall or any area. We not only undertake the connection of cameras, videos, or even a drone live broadcast, which is supplemented with a full range of event technology.

Event broadcasting

You can watch our video streams anywhere, live broadcasts, live conferences, webcasts on Facebook, Youtube or your own website, everything is conceivable. Want an interactive online event? Not a problem! We deliver solutions for built-in voting, register, log in, and even interpret online in multiple languages ​​via live webcast. Event technology the way we do it.